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Ultimate SEO Freelancer Guide - The Reality!

Section 1: SEO freelancing stories
Section 2: Before you jump ship into the world of SEO freelancing
Section 3: Being a full-time SEO freelancer is a business, not a hobby
Section 4: Be realistic about your own SEO skillset
Section 5: Understanding who your clients are
Section 6: Test the water before fully jumping into the full-time SEO freelancing life
Section 7: Be very mindful of – The promise trap
Section 8: Skills an SEO freelancer must have beyond just SEO
Section 9: The SEO freelancing payment terms
Section 10: Creating the perfect work / life balance
Section 11: Build a freelance support network around you
Section 12: What and how should an SEO freelancer charge?
Section 13: The isolation of being an SEO freelancer
Section 14: Get yourself a mentor or coach
Section 15: What does your personal brand say about YOU as a freelance SEO?
Section 16: Be targeted and productive with the right sales process
Section 17: The perfect lead for an SEO freelancer
Section 18: LinkedIn is your freelancing goldmine just waiting to be tapped in to
Section 19: Get a budget up-front
Section 20: How to create that proposal which wins you the new business
Section 21: Let’s get down to selling – The process
Section 22: Yipee… The prospect said YES. I have a new client. What about contracts?
Section 23: Happy clients are your very best sales team
Section 24: I’m just not sure that I’m cut out for the sales side of SEO freelancing
Section 25: Scaling an SEO freelancer business when you are already at full capacity
Section 26: One final note…

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