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The isolation of being an SEO freelancer

As a freelance SEO, being the business owner of your one-person agency can be a very lonely place at times, especially when challenges hit you and you can no longer relay on your teammates to help you out.

Being part of an agency team or in-house team, you have banter, you are able to bounce ideas around, but more importantly…

You have someone else to talk to.

Being a freelance SEO working all alone within your business can at times impact your mental health in a negative way, so it is important that you take that into consideration.

A few ideas I have to break up the isolation is…

> Join a business networking group so you are forced to go out once a week and have a breakfast and a good chat with other business owners.
> Try to make
in-person monthly update meetings with your clients if distance is not an issue.
> You can even secure a local client where you agree to go and
work in their offices alongside their team once a week. You client will LOVE this idea if you suggested it to them and I can guarantee that getting your invoice paid on time will never be an issue.
> Or even just
go for a walk to clear your head. I am fortunate to live five minutes’ walk from the beach, so strolling along the beach is where I go to unwind and think about my business and any challenges I am facing.

Just make sure you don’t lock yourself away. Venture out within your dedicated working hours.


Block an hour or two out in your diary for – business strategy!

SEO freelancer isolation

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