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Before you jump ship into the world of SEO freelancing

No matter what you have been told, read, or think, if you are thinking about giving up your full-time job with its guaranteed income to go freelancing, there are three simple questions that will determine if the freelancing life is for you…

1. Why do I want to go freelancing?

This will give you a personal goal to aim for. Make sure your ‘why’ is something meaningful.
I want to earn loads of money…is not a ‘why’. To give my family a good life and future…is a ‘why’.

Now, what do you need to make happen in order to achieve your ‘why’?

2. How long can I last financially if I never got a single paying client?

What is your monthly ‘survival’ amount (including business running costs)? Times that by six and this is the amount you really need to have saved up before considering going freelance. This will then give you enough room to build up your SEO freelance business the right way without being forced to take anything just because you need the money to pay your bills.

3. What is my personal SEO skillset?

Be honest with yourself here. Don’t try and target large eCommerce brands if your background is in working with small businesses to push their local SEO forward. What is ‘your’ SEO thing that you are known for?

What should SEOs who want to go freelance be thinking about?

before going SEO freelancing

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