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Be very mindful of – The promise trap

Yes, ‘the promise trap’ is real. You have conversations with business owners, directors, and even existing freelance clients you work for on the side, and they say…

“Give your job up and we will give you loads of work.”

Guess what?

This very rarely actually happens in real life.

I have had many a chat with an SEO who has made the jump into full-time freelancing life based on ‘promises’ and suddenly realise that all those promises were in fact, false promises. Sure, the intention might have been there, but when push came to shove, what these people actually meant was…

“Give your job up and when I’m ready, I’ll throw some work in your direction.”

I am a big believer in the fact that there is always a solution to any problem or situation, so this is how I would tackle this situation. Believe me, it really does work. I’ve advised many a budding freelance SEO to use this and they told me it really did help to confirm the situation and allowed them to make informed decisions.

Here goes…

If you are ever in a situation where someone has given you a promise of work, just turn around and say…

“That is great, thank you. Would you mind signing a pre-dated contract to start the work in three months’ time when I’m fully freelance?”


Do NOT say another word and let the other person reply, even if there is a long awkward pause.
If they really meant their promise, they won’t have any objections with signing a pre-dated contract. Now, you have something substantial. You have fact!

If they come back to you and sat something like…

“I don’t want to do that.”

Simply reply with…

“Please can I ask you why not?”

From this conversation you will have a confirmed ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to their promise.

Yet again, another lightbulb moment right there. Are you now getting the gist of what an SEO Mindset Coach does?

the promise trap

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