Professional SEO speaker at digital marketing conferences and corporate events

I have been working within the SEO and digital marketing industry since 2001. During that time, I have read thousands of articles, watched hundreds of webinars and attended loads of SEO conferences and events.

I speak at digital marketing conferences and corporate events around the world, installing a business development mindset towards search engine optimisation, ensuring marketers start to think outside the standard SEO bubble.

I don't just stand on stage talking through a bunch of slides. I educate, interact, and entertain the audience so they really listen to what I am saying.



I'm an SEO keynote speaker with a difference

I have spoken on stage at the side of some of the worlds top SEO experts at digital marketing conferences. I have also spoken alongside TV presenters, famous sports celebrities, and world-class professional business speakers at corporate events.

If you are looking for a respected person within the SEO and digital marketing industry, who is no stranger to receiving standing ovations, look no further.

Nayeli Gomez

Nayeli Gomez

The Code Queen

Phenomenally valuable and educational information presented in a way that keeps the audience engaged and wanting more. Most especially because Mark speaks to...


By booking me to speak at your conference or event, I will...

Call to discuss speaker requirements

Creation of bespoke slides

Review & confirmation of slides

Delivery of talk at your conference

Q&A support after speaking slot


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Unlike some other speakers, I do not have set speaker rates. If I am speaking at a local marketing conference with 100 people in the audience, my SEO speaker fee is going to be vastly different than if I am speaking at an International corporate event in front of 1,500 people. To receive an accurate quote, please complete the form below::

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