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SEO Speaker at marketing conferences & business events

Mark's professional speaking journey started over a decade ago when a local business expo asked him if he would consider being a featured speaker as he had already built up a great reputation as the go-to guy when it came to anything SEO related due to being in the industry since 2001. At the time, Mark had already delivered a few talks at local business networking groups, so he progressed forward and never looked back.

Mark then got his name (personal brand) known as 'the' SEO speaker as this very website is ranking around the top of Google for the term 'SEO Speaker', which helped. They do say that 'proof is in the pudding'.

Since then, Mark has spoken on stages professionally at a variety of SEO and marketing conferences, trade events, franchise events, business networking events, business expos, and large corporate events - virtually, in-person within the UK, and around the World. That is on top of hosting his own events, as he wanted to understand the challenges that bookers and event organisers face.

Mark A Preston - Helping service-based businesses to scale 'quality' leads via SEO since 2001

SEO Speaker - Mark A Preston


Why book Mark for your next conference/event

  • Mark is business growth focused.

  • Mark is adaptable to last minute change.

  • Mark is interactive with the audience.

  • Mark gets the audience to focus on him instead of his slides - His slides are mainly graphics and photos, and not filled with text and bullet points.

  • Mark has the ability to educate through telling a story.

  • Mark makes the scary and complex, easy to understand.

  • Mark makes his talks relatable.

  • Mark ensures that the audience go away with actionable tips they can implement into their business.

Professional SEO keynote speaker - Mark A Preston


All Mark's talks are tailored to you and your audience for maximum impact

Unlike most professional speakers, Mark A Preston is a little different. He doesn't just go around the world presenting the exact same three talks over and over again. He tailors every single talk to his audience to gain the maximum value and impact. Yes, it might not be the norm, but Mark doesn't believe in following the crowd.

Due to Mark's vast and varied career, he is able to relate to any audience when it comes to helping them understand how SEO can help them to scale and grow their business. Mark can also hold a room full of SEO professionals.

Below are just ten of the many talk titles Mark A Preston has presented to business and marketing audiences around the world:

  1. Achieving your business goals doesn't have to cost the earth

  2. Build a brand your customers 'want' to do business with

  3. Generate quality leads that convert into new business

  4. Are you wasting time on things that generate zero impact?

  5. Understanding prioritisation when it comes to technical SEO

  6. How to build your personal brand through content and links

  7. How I beat the big brands on a tiny budget

  8. Securing quality speaking gigs through SEO

  9. The six point checklist to securing new business online

  10. My journey scaling a self-funded digital marketing franchise network


Mark A Preston - Professional SEO Speaker


Available speaking services by Mark A Preston

  • 20-45 minute talk

  • Live Q&A

  • Panel discussion

  • Half-day workshop

  • Full-day masterclass

  • Pre recorded talk for you to play at your event

All speaking services can be delivered either in-person or virtually.

In-Person SEO Keynote Delivery
Claire Young

Claire Young

"Mark is a fantastic speaker and trainer. He delivered a really great keynote session on SEO – giving clear explanations and practical tips which improve SEO & in turn help your business. Thank you for making SEO more exciting that what I initially thought it was!"

Founder and Director at School Speakers (Bureau)


Benefits of Mark A Preston speaking at your business event, conference or expo

1. Knowledge and expertise

Mark has in-depth (over two-decades) knowledge and expertise in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO) and will provide valuable insights and strategies to your audience for them to improve their online presence.

2. Stay updated with the latest trends

SEO is a constantly evolving field, and Mark is able to keep your audience up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to ensure that their websites remain relevant and competitive.

3. Customised advice

Mark is able to provide customised advice tailored to the specific needs of your audience, taking into account their industry, target audience, and unique challenges.

4. Clarity and simplicity

SEO can be a complex and technical field, but Mark A Preston explains the concepts and strategies in simple and clear language, making it easy for your audience to understand and implement.

5. Better ROI

By implementing effective SEO strategies, your audience will achieve a better return on investment (ROI) by improving their search engine rankings, increasing their visibility, driving more traffic to their websites, and drive those important leads and sales.

6. Competitive advantage

With Mark's help and over two-decades (since 2001) of experience, your audience will gain a competitive advantage over their rivals by improving their online visibility and attracting more new customers who really want to buy from them.

7. Increase leads and sales

With Mark's two-decades of experience driving leads and sales online, He will give your audience the mindset and knowledge of what it takes to architect a process which will drive quality leads and sales for their business.

8. Brand building

Effective SEO strategies can help your audience build their brand (company or personal) and establish a strong online presence, increasing brand awareness and trust among potential customers.

9. Achieve the business goals

Every business usually has a set of goals they need to achieve to get them from where they are now to where they need to be. Mark will give your audience a framework to follow that will help them to achieve their goals.

10. Long-lasting positive impact

SEO is a long-term investment that can provide long-lasting positive benefits to audiences. By having Mark A Preston speak at your expo, event or conference, the businesses your audience own or work for will ensure that they are implementing effective strategies that will provide ongoing results and help them achieve their business goals with the right SEO mindset.

Mark A Preston Speaking at Corporate Event


What you actually need to know as a booker (event or conference organiser)

Who is Mark A Preston?

A professional SEO speaker who has been working within the SEO and digital marketing industry since 2001.

Within that time, he has...

  • Built his own lead generation business

  • Grown his own multi-office SEO agency

  • Established and grown a 50+ franchisee digital marketing franchise

  • Worked as Head of SEO in both agency and in-house

  • Run his own freelance SEO consultancy

  • Wrote two SEO Business Books

  • Run various SEO and digital marketing events

  • Trained thousands of individuals (small business owners, in-house marketing teams and agencies) on how to generate SEO growth that converts into new business

  • Spoken on stages to thousands of people around the world about the subject of business growth via SEO and content

All this with zero investment from anyone. Everything Mark A Preston has accomplished over the years has been totally self-grown, self-funded and bootstrapped.

However, just like many of us, Mark is not perfect. He openly admits that, He has indeed made his fair share of mistakes of which some has been very costly to himself and my family, but it is those mistakes that have allowed Mark to educate businesses so they do not make those same very costly business growth mistakes.

What you get with Mark A Preston is a business focused SEO speaker who is totally genuine, real, and who lives in the real world.

What does Mark A Preston (the professional SEO speaker) do?

Mark delivers information in such a way that it pings the lightbulb moment in the audience faces giving them the right mindset and knowledge they need, when it comes to driving leads and sales online through content and SEO, whilst sending the audience away with a list of key action points.

What are the key points of your speaker session?

Although, Mark crafts each talk so it totally relates to the specific audience and the impact the event/conference organiser needs to generate, there are similar key points from every one of Mark's speaker sessions...

  • Mark gives the audience the right mindset - If they are not thinking in the right way about their business growth, they will never achieve what they need to achieve.

  • The audience starts to think about the 'why' - SEO and content is not just a tick box. The audience need to understand the purpose behind what they are doing and how it aligns with their business objectives.

  • Mark walks the audience through the SEO and content sales funnel.

  • The audience will learn what is really important in order to drive leads and sales for their business.

  • The audience will even receive a few action points to take away with them to implement into their own business.

Mark doesn't have a set structured talk he presents to every audience, as each audience are individual and as such Mark's SEO speaker session must be tailored to each individual audience or they just won't get the true value out of it.

What are the audience groups who will receive the greatest benefit from Mark's talk?

Although, Mark delivers his talks in front of many audience groups, the below would be the key audiences that would receive the greatest value.

  • Small business owners

  • Agency directors and team members

  • Individuals who are part of a marketing team within an organisation or business

  • Content writers / copywriters who need to make a real impact with what they write

  • Any individual who is directly responsible for driving new business via their website

  • Senior management teams who need the right mindset to understand the true value SEO driven content will bring to their company

  • Anyone who needs to understand how SEO helps them to achieve their business goals

  • Businesses (in any industry) who need to understand the true benefits of SEO

What kind of events and conferences does Mark A Preston speak at?

  • Local business related events

  • Business networking events

  • SEO and marketing conferences

  • SEO meetup style events

  • Product tool / system launches (online products)

  • Corporate events (marketing section of the event)

  • Conferences run by online marketing tools and platforms

  • An event aimed at book authors who want to promote their book online

  • Individuals who want to build up a positive personal brand awareness online

  • Trade associations

  • Franchise events and conferences

  • Business organisations

  • Companies - Small, Large and International

  • Chamber of Commerce events

  • Institute of Directors

  • Professional speaker associations

What makes Mark A Preston different to other professional SEO speakers?

Mark doesn't just stand there on stage and tell you what he has achieved (basically a glorified sales pitch) and why you need to do what he has done.

Mark makes a real difference. He delivers information around the subject of SEO business growth in a simple to understand format that is interactive, engaging and truly mind-changing and if the audience does something with his advice, it can also have a long-lasting positive impact for their individual businesses and the people who work at those businesses.


Request a personalised quote!

Unlike some other SEO speakers, Mark does not have set speaker rates. If he is speaking at a local business networking event with 50-100 people in the audience, his SEO speaker fee is going to be vastly different than if he is speaking at an International corporate event in front of 1,500 people. To receive an accurate quote, please complete the form below::

Many thanks for trusting me enough to want to book me to speak at your conference or event. I will be in touch very soon with your tailored quote.

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