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Straight-talking SEO speaker at digital marketing conferences and corporate events

I have been working within the SEO and digital marketing industry since 2001. During that time, I have read thousands of articles, watched hundreds of webinars and attended loads of SEO conferences and events.

I speak at digital marketing conferences and corporate events around the world, installing a business development mindset towards search engine optimisation, ensuring marketers start to think outside the standard SEO bubble.

I don't just stand on stage talking through a bunch of slides. I educate, interact, and entertain the audience so they really listen to what I am saying.



I'm an SEO keynote speaker with a difference

I have spoken on stage at the side of some of the worlds top SEO experts at digital marketing conferences. I have also spoken alongside TV presenters, famous sports celebrities, and world-class professional business speakers at corporate events.

If you are looking for a respected person within the SEO and digital marketing industry, who is no stranger to receiving standing ovations, look no further.

Nayeli Gomez

Nayeli Gomez

The Code Queen

Phenomenally valuable and educational information presented in a way that keeps the audience engaged and wanting more. Most especially because Mark speaks to...


By booking me to speak at your conference or event, I will...

Call to discuss speaker requirements

Creation of bespoke slides

Review & confirmation of slides

Delivery of talk at your conference

Q&A support after speaking slot


What you actually need to know as a booker (event or conference organiser)

Who is Mark A Preston?

A straight-talking SEO speaker & trainer who has been working within the SEO and digital marketing industry since 2001.

Within that time, I have...

  • Built my own lead generation & affiliate marketing business

  • Grown my own multi-office SEO agency

  • Established and grown a 50+ franchisee digital marketing franchise

  • Worked as Head of SEO in both agency and in-house

  • Run my own freelance SEO consultancy

  • Wrote a best-selling book 'The Business Side of SEO'

  • Run various SEO and digital marketing events

  • Trained thousands of individuals at both digital marketing agencies and marketing teams in-house within companies

  • Spoken on stages to thousands of people around the world

All this with zero investment from anyone. Everything Mark A Preston has accomplished over the years has been totally self-grown, self-funded and bootstrapped.

However, just like many of us, I am not perfect. I admit, I have indeed made my fair share of mistakes of which some has been very costly to me and my family.

What you get with Mark A Preston is an SEO speaker who is totally genuine, real, and who lives in the real world.

What does Mark A Preston (the SEO speaker) do?

I present information in such a way that it pings the lightbulb moment in the audience faces giving them the right mindset and knowledge they need, when it comes to driving leads and sales online through SEO and content, whilst sending the audience away with a list of key action points.

What are the key points of your speaker session?

Although I craft each talk so it totally relates to the audience and the impact the event/conference organiser needs to generate, there are similar key points from every one of my speaker sessions...

  • I give the audience the right mindset - If they are not thinking in the right way, they will never achieve what they need to achieve.

  • The audience starts to think about the 'why' - SEO and content is not just a tick box. The audience need to understand the purpose behind what they are doing.

  • I walk the audience through the SEO and content sales funnel.

  • The audience will learn what is really important to drive leads and sales for their business or the business they work for.

  • They will even receive a few action points to take away with them.

Like I said, I don't have a set structured talk I present to every audience as each audience are individual and as such my speaker session must be tailored to them or they just won't get the true value out of it.

What are the audience groups who will receive the greatest benefit from your talk?

Although I do speak in front of many audience groups, the below would be the key audiences that would receive the greatest value.

  • Small business owners

  • Marketing teams/individuals who work within a digital marketing agency

  • Individuals who are part of a marketing team within an organisation

  • Content writers / copywriters who need to make a real impact with what they write

  • SEO professionals who need to up-skill their knowledge

  • Any individual who is directly responsible for driving new business via their website

What kind of events and conferences has Mark A Preston spoken at?

  • Local business related events

  • Business networking events

  • Marketing, Search and SEO related conferences

  • Product tool / system launches (online products)

  • Corporate events (marketing section of the event)

  • Conferences run by online marketing tools and platforms

  • An event aimed at book authors who want to promote their book online

  • Individuals who want to build up a positive personal brand awareness online

Although, I have spoken at the above events and conferences, if you feel that I will be an added value to speak at your event or conference but it is not listed above, please do get in touch by filling the form out below.

What makes Mark A Preston different to other SEO speakers?

I don't just stand there on stage and tell you what I have achieved (basically a glorified sales pitch) and why you need to do what I have done.

I make a real difference. A lot of my speaker sessions are very interactive, engaging and truly mind-changing and if the audience does something with my advice, it can also be life-changing for them.


Request a personalised quote!

Unlike some other speakers, I do not have set speaker rates. If I am speaking at a local marketing conference with 100 people in the audience, my SEO speaker fee is going to be vastly different than if I am speaking at an International corporate event in front of 1,500 people. To receive an accurate quote, please complete the form below::

Many thanks for trusting me enough to want to book me to speak at your conference or event. I will be in touch very soon with your tailored quote.

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