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SEO masterclass workshop (virtual)!

Are you a small business owner who needs to learn how to use the power of search engine optimisation to generate a constant flow of leads and sales through your website?

Join professional SEO trainer Mark A Preston (The SEO Educator) along with a few other (maximum of 8 people) like-minded small business owners in a workshop style one-day SEO masterclass hosted virtually via Zoom.


SEO masterclass content

Introduction to search engines

Paid search traffic vs Organic search traffic

Search engine guidelines

Knowing your customers

Understanding your competitors

Your website audit

Understanding keyword research

On-page content

On-page optimisation

Off-page essentials

Understanding what is working

Roger England

Roger England

Director AT Right Direction Marketing

I've known Mark for a few years and, as an SEO Consultant, I can definitely vouch for Mark's tremendous knowledge and experience. I recently joined Mark on one of his SEO...

It's great you are interested in learning the basics of SEO. I'm probably training someone today, so I will get in touch this evening with further details on available dates.


What's included?

An SEO business growth mindset

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge

Check-list sheets for you to print out

Copy of my slides

A framework for you to implement

£125 per person per day

Mark doesn't pre-set any SEO masterclass dates. As soon as I have eight people interested in attending my virtual workshop, I will schedule an available date for all.

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