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SEO training for digital marketing agencies

Being the director or owner of a digital marketing agency can be very challenging at times. Believe me, Mark knows. In the past, Mark has grown his own multi-office agency and totally get these challenges. He has also worked as Head of SEO within an agency, so he is able to see things from all angles within agency life.

Mark will physically or virtually (as a lot of agencies are now fully remote) come into your agency, understand the challenges you face, suggest streamlining tweaks, and get your team in the mindset of what is really needed to work on multiple brands within multiple industries, besides improving their skills via on the job SEO training.

Providing SEO training within your agency is not about learning keyword research or link building, but getting your team to really understand what it takes to drive leads and sales for your clients, as rankings without impact doesn't make happy clients.

Mark doesn't just teach your agency team how to do SEO. He turns them from check-list marketing robots into a well-oiled business development thinking human machine.

It is not just 'how' things are done that matters but 'why' things have happened. When your team understand the 'why' they move from SEO robots into SEO professionals with the ability to problem solve!

Personal touch

Personal to your agency


At your agency or via Zoom

100% tailored

SEO training bespoke to you

Your goals & objectives

SEO training to match 'your' goals

James Brockbank, Digitaloft

James Brockbank

Managing Director at Digitaloft

We recently worked with Mark on a day of SEO training and I couldn't recommend him highly enough! Mark is not only experienced and highly knowledgeable...


Structure of the day!


Understanding everyone's job role

Theory behind what you need to know

Practical tasks

Problem solving on clients' website(s)

Implementing changes

FAQ session to end the day


Request a tailored personal SEO training quote for your agency!

Like everything else, with Mark's agency SEO training, the price is tailored to your individual training goals and objectives. In order to receive an accurate quote, please complete the form below:

Thank you for requesting a personal SEO training quote for your agency. You are now one step closer to giving your team the knowledge they need.

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