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I’m just not sure that I’m cut out for the sales side of SEO freelancing

There is ALWAYS a backup plan for any SEO freelancer who really needs to earn some regular money…

It’s simple!

Do white label work for agencies.

There are hundreds of agencies who need a little bit of extra support, who would be only too happy to pass some work your way.

Contact a few respected agencies and offer them a white label SEO service at a reduced rate (as the agency still needs to make a profit) to ensure all your bills are being paid and you are hitting that survival figure.

The advantage is that you are getting regular work but you are not tied into working set hours.
The disadvantage with doing white label SEO work is…

> Obviously, you will never get any recognition for your work.
> You will never be able to use any of the agency’s clients within your portfolio.
> You will not be building up your personal brand.

All you will be doing is ensuring you pay the bills. The way I see this is…

Billie Geena, an Independent SEO puts it very well here...

"I only white label when I don't have much work in. But it doesn't help me grow my business at all; I can't make case studies and agencies won't leave me a review. Other than paying the bills white labelling doesn't benefit me."

Doing white label SEO work for agencies as a freelancer is your ‘emergency’ strategy. Dip into it if you need to, but your main priority is to build up your personal brand, your credibility and ensure you get all the recognition for all your fantastic achievements.

I know it is hard and you will need to go out of your comfort zone, but…

It will be 100% worth it!

the SEO freelancing life

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