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Scaling an SEO freelancer business when you are already at full capacity

One of the challenges I faced when I first went freelance was…

I very quickly (within the first two months) became fully booked even though I was still charging a premium price.

You might be reading this thinking…

‘Poor you. I’m a freelancer and fighting to get clients.’

You must put ‘context’ into me being able to scale my freelance business so quickly.

Unlike most new freelancers who give their full-time job up or have been made redundant, I wasn’t working for anyone else prior to going freelance. I was the director of my own agency. I was already used to generating leads, selling to high-end clients, running a business, and most importantly…

I already had a great resource of connections who I know well who already trusted me.

What you probably don’t know is in that very first month of going freelance, I was rushed into hospital with suspected bowel cancer. I was in so much pain. My wife knew I was ill as I didn’t even turn my computer on or check my emails. Luckily for me, it turned out to be appendicitis and after a few days in hospital I got home, still in massive pain and the first thing I did is sat in bed, opened my laptop and started work.

As a freelancer doing client work, if you are not working, you are not earning. It is as simple as that.
You no longer get paid for taking a holiday. In fact you lose out double if you take a holiday, as you lose out on holiday pay but you also lose out on not being able to do any paid work.

Anyway, I am digressing. Back to the point of this section…

Scaling a freelance SEO business

Let’s say that all the hard work you have put into building your one-person agency has finally paid off and you have a full diary.

Happy days! Well done to you.

However, unlike before where you had to go and look for new business, you find yourself with a flow of inbound leads that you can no longer service because you are already at full capacity.


Do NOT take work on unless you can 100% deliver.

It is very tempting as a freelancer to just take the money that is being thrown at you only to find that you have sold over capacity.

Here are a few ideas you can consider ‘when’ you reach full capacity…

> Collaborate with other freelance SEOs. Make a deal where you pass each other work if one of you are at full capacity.
> Gain a residual monthly commission for passing on any leads to fellow SEO freelancers.
> Outsource the surplus work to other ‘trusted’ freelance SEOs on a white label basis.
> Be honest with your client and say that you will need a helping hand on their campaign from a fellow freelancer (name them) as I am very close to capacity. However, I will oversee everything.
> Create a waiting list. I did this and it worked like a treat. Businesses was willing to wait three months for me to work with them and they paid a premium to boot. This all depends on the level of trust you have.
> Sacrifice one day per week to venture into the world of affiliate marketing. Build that side of your business up so you always have a backup cash supply if needed.
> Or... just don’t scale at all. If you are perfectly happy doing what you are doing and have no intention or desire to scale beyond your personal capacity, that is perfectly fine. It is your business.

Whatever is your ‘why’ (your personal SEO freelancing goal)…

Go and make it happen!

You are in control of your own destiny.

Besides, what’s the very worst that can happen?

You must go back to a 9-5 job.

Good luck in your freelance SEO adventure and if you feel that you would like to share your personal and honest freelancing story, I’d be happy to consider including it.

How can SEO freelancers scale revenue beyond client work?

scaling an SEO freelancing business

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