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Ultimate SEO Freelancer Guide - The Reality!


Mark A Preston

This will probably be the most honest take of the SEO freelancing life you will ever read. We will go through both the good and the bad of being an SEO freelancer, share real life stories, and even discuss how to solve challenges you may be facing.

Although Mark A Preston is an SEO Trainer & Speaker now, he has had a varied career within the SEO industry since 2001, including doing my time as an SEO freelancer after I sold my agency.
I am going to share with you the brutally honest truth about the freelancing life.



If you get it right, freelancing can bring many great rewards. Hopefully, this SEO freelancer guide will help you to understand everything better and give you tips on how to solve all the challenges you may face as an SEO freelancer, helping you to build a successful SEO freelancing business.

Ultimate SEO Freelancer Guide - The Reality!

Why I felt that I needed to write this SEO freelancing guide

Over the years, I have had many conversations with many SEO professionals who have given up a well-paid job to go it alone as an SEO freelancer only to find that reality is not what they imagined it to be.

Why is that?

There are many reasons, from false promises to not understanding the business side of SEO freelancing. I have found though that the majority of conversations I have had with SEOs thinking of going freelance, or have already made the step to go it alone as an SEO freelancer is due to…

The many six-figure SEO freelance case studies published online.

Yes, it is very possible to earn six-figures as an SEO freelancer.




Do NOT underestimate the amount of hard work and dedication required to achieve that. You don't earn a six-figure income as an SEO freelancer without putting in the time and effort. This isn't a way of getting rich quick. It's a lifestyle.

What's included within this ultimate SEO freelancer guide?

  • Twenty six sections of the stuff you 'want' to read, and actually 'need' to know.

  • Q&A videos from successful SEO freelancers - Nick LeRoy and Grant Simmons.

  • A formula to calculate your VALUE as an SEO freelancer.

  • Everything I personally learned when I was a freelancer.

  • How to solve all those challenging situations.

  • How to get new freelance clients.

  • But, ultimately, how you can grow a successful SEO freelance business.


This guide is the what, why, and how of SEO freelancing!


It is guaranteed to create a few lightbulb moments as you work your way through this ultimate SEO freelancer guide.

IMMEDIATE FREE ACCESS - Ultimate SEO freelancer guide - The Reality!

Yes, this guide is 100% free for you to read right now, although I have invested a LOT of hours into writing this guide.

  • Immediate access

  • No purchase required

  • You don't even need to provide your email address

The reason I do what I do is to...

"Help create a long-lasting positive impact by getting individuals to 'think' about SEO in a certain way and giving them the 'skillset' they need!"

The more people I can help to provide a long-lasting positive impact - the better this industry will be to work in. By giving this extensive guide away for free with zero access restrictions, I will...

Create a long-lasting positive impact to many SEO freelancers - Helping them to grow a successful business.

Sure, I'm not going to lie...


It would be great if you sign-up to my fully-funded unscripted SEO group dedicated to helping individuals achieve their SEO related career goals, or arrange a private coaching session, but only if you want to and you feel that it will add value to what you are doing.

Start your SEO freelancing journey right here!



It goes without saying that this guide is for SEOs who actually know what they are doing when it comes to implementing SEO. It is not a guide on training you how to do SEO. If you don't know your stuff, then maybe you should think twice about going freelance in the first place.


This ultimate SEO freelancer guide WILL help you to build a successful freelance business and avoid all the challenges you may have faced if it wasn't for this guide.

Although, you can skip directly to any section of this guide, I have written it as a journey so I highly suggest that you start at the very beginning and work your way through in order.

Let your SEO freelancing journey begin...

Section 1: SEO freelancing stories
Section 2: Before you jump ship into the world of SEO freelancing
Section 3: Being a full-time SEO freelancer is a business, not a hobby
Section 4: Be realistic about your own SEO skillset
Section 5: Understanding who your clients are
Section 6: Test the water before fully jumping into the full-time SEO freelancing life
Section 7: Be very mindful of – The promise trap
Section 8: Skills an SEO freelancer must have beyond just SEO
Section 9: The SEO Freelancing payment terms
Section 10: Creating the perfect work / life balance
Section 11: Build a freelance support network around you
Section 12: What and how should an SEO freelancer charge?
Section 13: The isolation of being an SEO freelancer
Section 14: Get yourself a mentor or coach
Section 15: What does your personal brand say about YOU as a freelance SEO?
Section 16: Be targeted and productive with the right sales process
Section 17: The perfect lead for an SEO freelancer
Section 18: LinkedIn is your freelancing goldmine just waiting to be tapped in to
Section 19: Get a budget up-front
Section 20: How to create that proposal which wins you the new business
Section 21: Let’s get down to selling – The process
Section 22: Yipee… The prospect said YES. I have a new client. What about contracts?
Section 23: Happy clients are your very best sales team
Section 24: I’m just not sure that I’m cut out for the sales side of SEO freelancing
Section 25: Scaling an SEO freelancer business when you are already at full capacity
Section 26: One final note…

The SEO Freelancer Survival Handbook (the book version)

If you are like me and you prefer to sit down in the comfort of an armchair flicking through the pages of a good book away from the screen, my SEO freelancing book is available to buy on Amazon...


  • Kindle: £4.95

  • Paperback: £9.95

  • Hardback: £14.95


NOTE: The SEO Freelancer Survival Handbook is a copy of this Ultimate SEO Freelance Guide. I am just making this guide available in book format for those who prefer to sit down and read a book instead of scrolling through pages on a website. It also means that you can pick the book up anytime you come across those hard to solve challenges.

The SEO Freelancer Survival Handbook by Mark A Preston


Join my fully-funded 'Unscripted SEO Group' - A group dedicated to supporting SEOs!

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