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SEO training workshops by Mark A Preston


SEO 'Training by Doing' - Tailored to YOU!

Mark will get your marketing team to think in the right way when it comes to SEO, and train them on exactly what they want and need to know in order to streamline their jobs and generate positive impact (increase leads & revenue).

Since 2001, Mark has trained and mentored thousands of people on how to use SEO to generate a constant flow of 'quality' leads, increasing revenue growth.

All Mark's SEO training workshops are 100% tailored to your individual business / agency. When you book Mark A Preston, you will receive maximum impact instead of just a standard SEO training course.

SEO Training by Mark A Preston
Tailored SEO training by Mark A Preston

Mark A Preston doesn't just teach your marketing team 'how' to do SEO. He turns them from check-list marketing robots into a business development logical thinking marketer.

It is not just 'how' things are done that matters when it comes to SEO, but 'why' things have happened. When your team understand the 'why' they move from SEO robots into business first SEO problem solving professionals.

Personal touch

Understanding the important


At your office or virtually via Zoom

100% tailored

SEO training bespoke to you

Your goals & objectives

SEO training to match 'your' goals

Bespoke SEO training by Mark A Preston
James Brockbank, Digitaloft

James Brockbank

Managing Director at Digitaloft

We recently worked with Mark on a day of SEO training and I couldn't recommend him highly enough! Mark is not only experienced and highly knowledgeable...


Structure of the day(s)!


Understanding everyone's job role

Theory behind what you need to know

Practical tasks

Problem solving on your website(s)

Implementing changes

FAQ session to end the day

Interactive SEO training by Mark A Preston


Benefits of Mark A Preston training your marketing team

1. In-depth knowledge

Due to his varied SEO experience (since 2001), Mark A Preston has a deep understanding of SEO concepts, principles, and techniques, and can provide comprehensive training that if required can cover all aspects of SEO.

2. Customised training

Mark A Preston will provide customised SEO training tailored to the specific needs of your business and team, taking into account your industry, target audience, and unique challenges.

3. Up-to-date information

SEO is a constantly evolving field, and Mark A Preston will provide up-to-date information on the latest trends and best practices to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition.

4. Practical skills

Mark A Preston will provide hands-on training that helps your team develop practical SEO skills they need to know in order to streamline processes and do their job better.

5. Interactive learning

When you get Mark A Preston to train your team, you are getting an interactive learning experience that engages your team and encourages them to ask questions, share insights, and collaborate with each other.

6. Improved ROI

By providing effective SEO training, your team will not only get into the right business focused SEO mindset and increase their SEO strategy and problem solving skills, but also achieve a better return on investment (ROI) for your business.

7. Better teamwork

SEO involves multiple stakeholders, including marketing teams, content creators, web developers, and designers. Mark A Preston can help these teams work together more effectively, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

8. Better decision-making

The SEO training provided by Mark A Preston will help businesses make informed decisions about SEO strategies and tactics, based on data-driven insights and best practices.

9. Increasing new business

Mark A Preston will help your marketing team to fully understand how to drive new business forward, as rankings without impact is pointless.

10. Long-lasting positive impact

SEO is a long-term investment that can provide lasting benefits to your business. By providing effective SEO training, you can ensure that your marketing team are equipped with the skills and knowledge to implement effective strategies that will provide ongoing results and help them to achieve your business goals.


Request a tailored personal SEO training quote!

Like everything else, the price is tailored to your individual training goals and objectives. In order to receive an accurate quote, please complete the form below:

Thank you for requesting a personal SEO training quote. You are now one step closer to giving your team the knowledge they need.

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