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Mark A Preston

SEO Advisor (Business Growth & Efficiency)

Welcome to the digital home of Mark A Preston, your SEO Advisor dedicated to transforming your business's online presence. Here, we unlock the full potential of SEO to drive not just traffic, but quality leads that convert into substantial growth and efficiency for your business. With expertise spanning the UK and US markets, Mark A Preston is more than an advisor; he's your partner in achieving unparalleled business success.

“On a mission to help make a real positive difference”


Mark A Preston's expertise is sought after by:

  1. Digital marketing agencies looking to scale their SEO services and carve a path to success.

  2. Ambitious businesses with in-house resources poised to outmaneuver their competition.

  3. Franchise networks and local success stories on the brink of national recognition.


Whether you're seeking a monthly retainer, an equity partnership, or a custom solution, Mark tailors his approach to meet your unique needs.

Mark A Preston: SEO Advisor & NED


Who is Mark A Preston?

Since diving into the SEO world in 2001, Mark has:

  • Pioneered an SEO-centric lead generation powerhouse.

  • Elevated a boutique SEO agency to a multi-office titan.

  • Spearheaded the growth of a digital marketing franchise, empowering over 50 franchisees.

  • Transformed hidden gems into industry titans.

  • Mentored hundreds of marketing mavens.

  • Captivated thousands with my insights at premier marketing events and corporate gatherings.

  • Authored two ground-breaking SEO business books.

  • Launched the Unscripted SEO Podcast, your go-to for raw, invaluable SEO insights.

Mark's mantra?


"Monumental impact, minimal investment. The SEO landscape is brimming with opportunities ripe for the picking."

"I reached out to Mark for some business development advice regarding my digital marketing services. He answered my questions with aplomb. More importantly, he got me thinking better about the way I was approaching my business. Mark's advice is golden, and I strongly suggest you listen to what he has to say!"


What Mark A Preston Does

Mark A Preston pioneers SEO-centric strategies that not only generate leads but also elevate sales and revenue to new heights. From elevating boutique agencies to multi-office titans to empowering franchise networks, Mark's comprehensive SEO mastery has been a game-changer for businesses across the UK and US. His services are a blend of strategic insight, actionable tactics, and a deep understanding of the SEO landscape, all aimed at driving your business forward.

"Professional, expert, and one of the nicest guys on the planet! I can't say any more than that. He walks his talk with huge integrity."

Mark A Preston


Why Partner With Mark A Preston

Partnering with Mark A Preston means gaining a unique, global perspective on SEO that's backed by a legacy of digital dominance. Mark's dual expertise in the UK and US markets, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to education, makes him an unparalleled asset to any business. He's not just an advisor; he's a partner who's committed to your growth, understanding the grind, and sharing wisdom that leads to real results.

"Not only is Mark a thought leader in his field he is a thoroughly top bloke! Our digital team has really evolved in its online approach and a lot of that is down to Mark. Would recommend without any hesitation and in fact many of my friends who ask me for some help, I simply point them in Mark’s direction."


Get in Touch With Mark A Preston

Ready to make positivity happen? Mark A Preston is always on the lookout for forward-thinkers, opportunities to share knowledge, and form strategic alliances. Whether you're interested in speaking engagements, podcast collaborations, or simply want to chat about how SEO can transform your business, Mark's door is always open. Let's create a tangible, positive impact together.

Thank you for contacting me. As you can imagine, I'm a busy person and will get back to you ASAP.

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