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Helping companies and agencies to increase revenue by improving processes and educating their marketing team


Mark A Preston

Business Growth (SEO)
Trainer | Advisor | Speaker

As an SEO Trainer, Advisor & Speaker, Mark has one simple goal - To educate the people within your business who are responsible for the marketing, giving them the right growth mindset, knowledge, and problem solving skills to help your business to get from where it is now, to where you want and need it to be.

Providing real impact to your audience

100% tailored to you and your business

Advisor to established businesses

"Mark made what is a scary and profoundly complex subject of SEO marketing, incredibly easy to understand"



Who is Mark A Preston?

Since 2001, Mark has built a lead generation business, founded and self-grown a multi-location agency with zero investment, established a 50+ franchisee digital marketing franchise network, been a problem solving freelance SEO consultant, helped to turn unknown brands into well-known brands within their industry, personally trained hundreds of professional marketers, has spoken at both marketing conferences and corporate events to thousands of people around the world, worked with established brands as their SEO advisor, besides becoming a published author, writing two SEO business books.

When it comes to SEO, Mark does however think a little differently by installing a logical thinking business development SEO growth mindset into everything he does.

Mark doesn't just teach people 'how' to do SEO, but he gives them the right mindset, skills and knowledge to drive leads and sales. After-all, SEO without impact is useless.


Read the detailed biography of Mark A Preston.

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We recently worked with Mark on a day of SEO training and I couldn't recommend him highly enough!

Let's start with the burning question

What is SEO Growth?

Firstly, SEO is not just about keywords, links and content. It goes much deeper than that and if implemented correctly with the right SEO growth mindset and strategy, it has the potential to help your business (or the businesses your agency works with) grow and make a lot more money and profit.


SEO growth is about understanding the business objectives and goals, then aligning the growth strategy to meet your specific business goals. After all, there is no point in putting an SEO growth strategy together to double the number of leads you receive, if you don't have the resource to handle that volume of leads.


SEO growth is being realistic, fully understanding all pieces of the jigsaw and what impact to your business each decision will make.


In short, all SEO growth is - Tailoring your SEO strategy to help you achieve your specific business growth goals.


Mark A Preston will get your marketing team to think about SEO and content beyond just data and give them the specific skills they need to meet your specific business goals and objectives.


100% tailored to you and your business!


The truth about SEO!

As you can imagine, Mark is a very busy person flying around the world giving professional digital marketers and brands a business development SEO mindset. However, when he does get a break, Mark likes to write an SEO related article which is a little different than what you might have read before. Here are just a few to get a taster of things to come...

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