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Creating long-lasting positive impact by getting individuals to 'think' about SEO in a certain way and giving them the 'skillset' they need!


Mark A Preston

SEO Mindset Coach & Professional Speaker

SEO is all about problem solving. I will help you to streamline your processes and give you and your team the skills, knowledge and mindset to solve all those tough SEO problems to enable you to push your agency or company in the right direction.

Providing real impact to your audience

100% tailored to you and your business

The Business Side of SEO - Buy NOW!

"Mark made what is a scary and profoundly complex subject of SEO marketing, incredibly easy to understand"



Who is Mark A Preston?

Since 2001, I have built a lead generation/affiliate marketing business, founded and self-grown a multi-location agency with zero investment, established a 50+ franchisee digital marketing franchise, been a problem solving freelance SEO consultant, helped to turn unknown brands into well-known brands within their industry, personally trained hundreds of professional marketers, have spoken at both marketing conferences and corporate events to thousands of people around the world, worked with established brands as their SEO advisor, besides becoming a published author, writing a best-selling book.

When it comes to SEO, I do however think a little differently by installing a logical thinking business development SEO mindset into everything I do.

I don't just teach people 'how' to do SEO, but give them the right mindset, skills and knowledge to drive leads and sales. After-all, SEO without impact is useless.

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James Brockbank

James Brockbank

Managing Director at Digitaloft

We recently worked with Mark on a day of SEO training and I couldn't recommend him highly enough!

Let's start with the burning question

What is SEO Mindset?

As an SEO mindset coach, one question I get asked all the time is...

"What actually is SEO mindset?"

Simply put, it is a certain way of 'thinking' about SEO (search engine optimisation) which when applied to the SEO techniques I also train you on, creates a long-lasting positive impact!

So, as an SEO mindset coach, how do you help someone get into the right SEO mindset?

I will ask you...

A series of specific questions
In a specific order
In a specific way

Until you get that lightbulb moment!

OK, why is it important to have the right SEO mindset?

Learning new SEO skills without being in the right mindset to start with, will only cause confusion further down your SEO journey.


The truth about SEO!

As you can imagine, I am a very busy person flying around the world giving professional digital marketers and brands a business development SEO mindset. However, when I do get a break, I like to write an SEO related article which is a little different than what you might have read before. Here are just a few to get a taster of things to come...

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