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The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast, hosted by Mark A Preston!

As an SEO trainer & speakerMark meets and gets to know some amazing people within the world of SEO on his travels around the world. Some of the stories and journeys he's heard are truly inspirational. In The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast, Mark invites people who work within the SEO industry to jump on a pre-recorded video call to ask them a few questions and see where the conversation takes us. As the name suggests, this is 100% unscripted, unrehearsed and even unedited as Mark believes more value and stories will be shared.

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The amazing SEO talent who have been interviewed by Mark A Preston

(Click on the person's name to watch their unscripted SEO interview)

Kristina Azarenko

Kristina Azarenko, Founder of MarketingSyrup and a celebrated technical SEO specialist, embarked on her SEO journey with no technical background, transforming her passion and tenacity into a career marked by meticulous attention to detail and innovative strategies. Her story is so very inspiring.



Crystal Carter

Crystal Carter is the Head of SEO Comms at Wix and stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the world of digital marketing. Her journey in marketing is marked by a deep-rooted passion for SEO, PPC, CRO, digital strategy, and the art of interpreting complex data with enthusiasm.

Head of SEO Comms


Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum is the founder & CEO of MobileMoxie. Cindy is a true pioneer in the field of search engine optimisation, with a career in digital marketing that traces back to 2003. Cindy introduced MobileMoxie to the SEO industry, being the very first revolutionary mobile-focused SEO toolset.

Founder & CEO


James Dooley

James Dooley (Digital Landlord) has built (since 2009) himself a 9-figure online lead generation business through SEO via 1,000+ websites in many industries. James is the CEO of PromoSEO, founder of FatRank, Chairman of Searcharoo, Sports Director of Soft Surfaces, besides other businesses.




Jeremy Rivera is the Director of Content Analysis at Copypress & Founder of SEO Arcade, an SEO tool that predicts the ROI of a potential SEO campaign. Jeremy Rivera quickly became an SEO enthusiast in 2007 whilst working in real estate SEO and has worked for top SEO and content platforms since.

Director of Content Analysis


Kristine Schachinger

Kristine Schachinger, Forensic SEO Consultant at Silent Without Walls. Kristine has studied the inner workings of Google for many years and is a well known speaker at most SEO and Search conferences around the world. Join us as we do a deep dive into Google, discussing AI and the impact of SGE.

Forensic SEO Consultant

Silent Without Walls

Nina Payne - SEO Lady

Nina Payne is a UK SEO freelancer under the brand name SEO Lady. Over the past two-decades, Nina has been helping business to scale online through her consultancy and training, and was the SEO foundation for the brand Funky Pigeon, besides helping a business to scale from £2m to £5m. Find out more.


SEO Lady

Mike Blumenthal

Mike Blumenthal is the Co-founder at and has been sharing local SEO advice on his blog ( for nearly two-decades. When it comes to helping local businesses to drive leads and footfall, Mike is considered one of the best-of-the-best in the industry and founded many local SEO initiatives.


Kasra Dash

Kasra Dash is known for recovering websites and helping websites set up the correct foundations to not get hit in the first place. Kasra Dash is a firm believer in disavows & EEAT. Setting these up from the word go helps future-proof your website, and if you are looking to create a sellable asset, then they are a must.



Charles Floate

For the past ten years, Charles Floate has been sharing SEO based case studies to prove that SEO techniques that go against Google's guidelines, do work well. Charles is an SEO who likes to push the boundaries of what is actually possible when it comes to revenue growth through various different SEO strategies.

SEO Consultant & Trainer

Charles Floate Training

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is the Marketing Manager at SEOTesting responsible for growing their user base of their SAAS platform. Ryan's SEO background goes back to 2015 where he has worked with ultra-niche websites to estate agents and architects, and has extensive knowledge within the eCommerce SEO space.

Marketing Manager


Joe Davies

During his career, Joe Davies has had a few jobs within the SEO industry - he went freelance for a while, then joined an SEO agency in 2011 as Head of SEO where he learned about selling SEO and ranking multiple clients in lots of different industries, and is now the founder of FATJOE, an SEO marketplace for SEO agencies.



Danny Richman

Danny Richman describes himself as a consultant, trainer and mentor who is obsessed with solving business problems using ML/AI/GPT. If there was one person in the SEO industry who has truly studied in-depth the true power of AI, ChatGPT (GPT), it has to be Danny. A must-listen AI / SEO podcast.

Digital Business Consultant

Richman SEO Training

Martin MacDonald

Martin MacDonald is the founder of MOGmedia (an Enterprise SEO Agency), (an Enterprise level technical SEO tool), and BarbadosSEO (an advanced SEO conference). With Martin's vast experience (since 1996) within the digital marketing industry working for top brands, he is a true pioneer.



Tom Marriott

Tom Marriott is the Digital Marketing Director at Ina4. Tom is also known as The SEO Punk, sharing daily videos on his social media channels, talking about the misunderstood and misinterpreted when it comes to SEO. Tom also have a strong passion for helping startups to grow into well-established brands.

Digital Marketing Director



Bootstrapping a technical SEO tool with Julia Nesterets (CEO) and Serge Bezborodov (CTO) from JetOctopus. I wanted to invite Julia and Serge onto the podcast, to get into what it is really like to build, market and grow an SEO tool from the ground up on a shoestring budget compared to their competition.



Dixon Jones

Dixon Jones is an award-winning member of the internet marketing community with 20 years of experience in search marketing and 25 years of business innovation. He is also the Author of 'Entity SEO', the CEO of 'InLinks', the Global Brand Ambassador at Majestic, NED advisor, and startup veteran in the digital SAAS space.



Nick LeRoy

Nick LeRoy is a freelance SEO consultant, podcaster, and newsletter author based in St. Paul, Minnesota and is the author of two SEO-focused newsletters - #SEOForLunch and The SEO Freelancer, besides being the co-owner of the boutique job board Nick is very much focused on the technical side of SEO.

Freelance SEO Consultant

Nick LeRoy Consulting

Josh Peacock

Josh Peacock is the CEO & Co-Founder of SEO For Hire, a recruitment agency dedicated to just the SEO industry launched out of solving all the challenges faced within the world of SEO recruitment. Josh is passionate about making sure SEOs really enjoy what they do after going from one worst jobs imaginable himself.

CEO & Co-Founder

SEO For Hire

Kate Toon

Kate Toon is the owner and founder of a group of three companies (The Digital Masterchefs, The Recipe for SEO Success, and The Clever Copywriting School) and is an award-winning business mentor, entrepreneur, digital educator, speaker, author and podcaster, and has built a community of around 20,000 people.

Digital Marketing Coach

Kate Tooned Inc

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of those names in the world of SEO industry that most people just know due to his large personal brand awareness. Neil is the co-founder of NP Digital, a 9-figure agency. Neil Patel came on The Unscripted SEO Interview as a guest so we can all get to know who the real Neil Patel is.


NP Digital

Joy Hawkins

Joy is the Owner & Founder of Sterling Sky (foundered in 2017), an SEO agency with thirty three specialists on the team who are all dedicated to the world of Local SEO, Owner of the Local Search Forum, and founder of Local University, a learning platform focused on delivering on-demand Local SEO education.

Owner & Founder

Sterling Sky Inc

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz is the CEO & President of RustyBrick. With over two-decades of reporting on over 20,000 SEO news stories, Barry is also the editor of Search Engine Roundtable and News Editor at Search Engine Land constantly keeping the SEO community up to date with all the very latest news.

CEO & President


Rand Fishkin

Rand is one of the true pioneers of the SEO world and has been instrumental in educating the SEO communicating over the years. Rand is the founder and former CEO of Moz, author of 'Lost and Founder' and the Co-Founder of SparkToro, a tool which provides audience research data at your fingertips.



Jason Barnard

Jason Barnard is best known in the SEO industry today as The Brand SERP Guy specialising in Brand SERP optimisation and Knowledge Panel management, and is also the founder and CEO at Kalicube, a Brand SERP optimising SaaS platform and a ground-breaking brand SERP digital marketing agency.

Author & CEO


Sam Partland

Sam Partland is an Enterprise & Programmatic SEO Consultant at Sammy SEO who lives an SEO Nomad life travelling around the world whilst providing specific SEO consultancy services to his clients. We get into the detail of what it's really like being an SEO Nomad for this Australian SEO.

Programmatic SEO Consultant

Sammy SEO

Lidia Infante

Lidia Infante is the Senior SEO Manager at and has a BSc in Psychology and Master in Digital Business. Lidia shares her knowledge as a speaker at industry-leading SEO conferences, events, podcasts, interviews, and is a judge at top industry awards.

Senior SEO Manager

Simon Schnieders

Simon Schnieders is the founder of the UK's largest specialist SEO agency, Blue Array SEO. A 50+ strong people first, profit second agency. Simon has worked in the SEO industry for two decades and is on a mission to educate as many people as possible and become a key contributor towards the future of SEO.

Founder & CEO

Blue Array SEO

Grant Simmons

Grant is the former VP of SEO at and is now a freelance SEO consultant and strategist. Besides this, Grant is well-respected in the SEO industry, a just at industry awards, a speaker at big marketing conferences, a regular guest on webinars, podcasts and interviews, and a contributor to top news sites.

Freelance SEO Consultant

Grant Simmons SEO

Mordy Oberstein

Mordy is the Head of SEO Branding at Wix, consultant at SEMrush, SEO podcast host of The SEO Rant and Edge Web Radio, organizer of #SEOchat on Twitter, regular author on top marketing news sites, and shares his knowledge on stages around the world at marketing conferences.

Head of SEO Branding


Do you work within the SEO industry and have an amazing story to share?

SEO Podcast, hosted by Mark A Preston

You don't have to be an SEO influencer or top SEO personality for Mark A Preston to interview you. If you work within the SEO industry and have a personal story to share that you think the industry will find interesting, just fill the form in below to see if it a good fit for The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast.

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