Grant Simmons, Freelance SEO Consultant & Strategist

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Grant Simmons - Freelance SEO Consultant

Grant is a freelance SEO, consultant, and strategist at Simmonet Marketing.

Grant has over 35 years marketing experience with an emphasis on digital channels and a focus on collaborative SEO consulting, leadership, agency organization, and performance-based success for local, national, and international companies and organizations.

Grant is a popular speaker at search marketing conferences around the world including: Chiang Mai SEO, Pubcon, Advanced Search Summit, Brighton SEO, SMX, SES, SIS, LRTCon, and Digital Summit, as well as being a judge for the US, UK, and European Search Awards.

Grant provides a fantastic overview of what it takes to drive organic growth and achieve specific business goals base on his vast experience working in-house and agency-side on well-known and lesser-known brand sites, and now working in the freelance consulting world. With agencies, startups, and established ecommerce, B2B, and B2C sites.

You will find Grant giving back to the SEO industry through mentoring, contributions to industry forums, webinars, events, interviews, and through the authoring of articles for top industry sites.

The Unscripted SEO Interview with Grant Simmons

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(56 minutes long)

The unscripted questions Mark A Preston asked Grant Simmons

  • What is Grant Simmons, the SEO?

  • Your bio describes you as a seasoned SEO consultant, what exactly do you do?

  • What are the key differences between working full-time for a large corporate brand to going fully freelance as an SEO?

  • You are a London lad who now lives in the States. What's the story there?

  • I notice on your Twitter feed that you like your morning walks along the beach. Does that help to set you up for the day?

  • You used to work as VP of SEO at What did you have to be mindful of with working on such a large website?

  • What was the monthly traffic difference on the site when you started at the company to when you left?

  • What did you and your team do to gain such a leap in organic traffic?

  • What does it actually mean, improving the quality of the content?

  • What's your thoughts on case studies mentioning required word count on a page in relation to a specific number?

  • What type of clients do you work with now as a freelance SEO consultant?

  • What steps did you take to move from a full-time job to going fully freelance?

  • Learning from your own experiences, what advice can you give someone who is thinking of packing in their full-time job to go it alone as a freelance SEO?

  • Do you ever do work for free as a freelancer? If so, how do you demonstrate your value?

  • What percentage of your time as a freelance SEO consultant is split between doing the work for clients and generating the  work, besides all the business admin stuff?

  • How do you think the actual SEO industry has changed since you started in it to now?

  • You said that you are subscribed to about 20 paid SEO tools, but what should the minimum required toolbox look like for a freelance SEO?

  • Do you use any specific tools to help you with website structure and structured data?

  • What should SEOs new to the industry be thinking about or learning as a starting point?

  • If you could personally change just one thing in the SEO industry, what would it be?

  • Where do you stand on the SEO checklist debate?

  • Is there anything at all that the good people of the SEO industry can help you with, Grant?

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