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How Small Businesses Can Outshine the Big Players

Updated: Jan 10

As I, Mark A Preston, delved into an insightful conversation with Kristine Schachinger, a renowned SEO expert, a crucial topic emerged – the ability of small businesses to compete in the vast and ever-evolving world of SEO. As daunting as it may seem, there is a silver lining, a ray of hope for the smaller entities in this digital battlefield.

small business SEO advantage

Embracing the Unique Strengths of Small Businesses

  • Agility and Authenticity: Small businesses possess an innate agility that large corporations often lack. This agility allows for a more hands-on approach to content creation, fostering authentic connections with your audience.

  • Personalised Content Creation: With the ability to move quickly and adapt, small businesses can create content that resonates deeply with their audience. A single writer, well-versed in your brand's voice and tone, can work wonders in conveying your unique story.

Turning Limitations into Opportunities

  • Quality over Quantity: While large corporations might have an army of writers, small businesses can focus on quality, not quantity. A few part-time writers or even a single dedicated individual can craft content that embodies the essence of your brand.

  • Building a Strong Link Graph: Despite the perceived dominance of big businesses in SEO, smaller businesses can still build a strong link graph. By focusing on high-quality, relevant backlinks, small businesses can significantly enhance their online presence.

Kristine Schachinger's Insights: The Power of the Underdog

Kristine aptly points out...

"The smaller business may actually have some advantages because they can take a hands-on approach to creating that authentic content."

This emphasises the power of a personal touch in an era where consumers seek genuine connections.

My Commitment to Your Business's Growth

As we navigate the complex world of SEO, I extend my hand to guide and support your small business. With personalised SEO training and a strategy tailored to your unique needs, we can level the playing field, turning your size into your greatest asset.

  • Are you a small business feeling overshadowed in the digital arena?

  • Do you seek a strategy that harnesses your unique strengths to compete effectively?

Contact me, Mark A Preston, for expert SEO training that empowers your business to stand tall among giants. Together, let’s transform your challenges into triumphs and carve a niche that resonates with your audience.

About the author

Mark A Preston

Mark A Preston: SEO trainer & speaker with over 2 decades (since 2001) experience in the SEO industry. Host of 'The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast'. Author of 'The Business Side of SEO' and 'The SEO Freelancer Survival Handbook', SEO Business Books.


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