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As long as the internet exists, SEO will never die

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

I am a person that always speaks his mind. I just find life easier this way as there are never any misunderstandings. If people do not agree with me or my life views, I will listen to their reasons and have a friendly debate. I just feel that there is no point in making life harder than it already is.

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What’s this got to do with the internet or SEO? I hear you ask

You might have noticed the thousands of articles published online spouting trash like “SEO is dead”. What a crock of shit. It makes my blood boil when I read trash like this being published. Not because I am an SEO trainer with two decades experience but simply because SEO will never die and I’m going to prove it.

There is always loads of trash being published, so why care about these?

I have had conversations with business owners who have changed their whole marketing strategy based on these untruthful ‘SEO is dead’ articles. Only to find their revenue taking a drastic nose dive because they have shifted their energy from SEO onto a content marketing strategy.

I have also had conversations with digital agencies who have totally removed SEO as a service to focus on other forms of digital marketing techniques, as they believed that SEO is on its way out and wanted to make the move before it was too late.

SEO is well and truly alive and here to stay

Let me tell you why SEO will never die, as long as the internet exists. Just for now, I’m going to take SEO out of the discussion and put my logical thinking head on. I always look at everything logically and it is this approach that has made me successful over the past two decades as an SEO specialist.

I want to get you involved here, so I am going to ask you to take one minute to have a think and come up with the answer to the question below:

“What is the internet?”

For those of you who said World Wide Web, well done give yourself a pat on the back. I was looking for an overview of what the internet actually is though. To me, the internet is simply ‘CONTENT and LINKS’. You can come up with your own in-depth technical explanation but when you simplify the internet, it’s just website pages linking to other website pages. Some of those links are internal within the same domain and some links are external to other domains. The Google machine crawl the internet by following links. Now I will ask you a different question:

“What are the two main ranking factors?”

I know Google state that there are over 200 different ranking factors which they take into account when determining where to rank websites for a certain keyword but they have also confirmed that the two highest and main ranking factors are, yes you have guessed correctly – CONTENT and LINKS.

Have you just had a light-bulb moment?

Let us have a recap here. So the internet is basically content (pages) and links. Google have confirmed the two main ranking factors are content and links, in that order. Do you now see why SEO will NEVER die as long as the internet exists?

In order to get Google to trust your website more than your competitors and in order to rank high for the words and phrases people are searching to find the product or service you offer, is to make sure the content on your website is far better than your competitors and the links pointing to your website are from better quality sites than your competitors link from.

Although SEO is here to stay, you should never put all your eggs into one basket

Just because I have proven (in my own simple logical way) that SEO will never die, it doesn’t mean you should assign 100% of your marketing budget to SEO. Having a tailored SEO strategy that is based on goals and return on investment is fantastic. In fact I helped one company increase their turnover from £150K to £1.2m within the space of 18 months based on my SEO strategy. Even though SEO played a massive part in their financial growth, I still advised them to continue doing other forms of marketing as brand awareness is a massive trust aspect and if someone notices your brand all over the place, they are going to trust you when visiting your site.


About the author

Mark A Preston

Mark A Preston: SEO trainer & speaker with over 2 decades (since 2001) experience in the SEO industry. Host of 'The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast'. Author of 'The Business Side of SEO' and 'The SEO Freelancer Survival Handbook', SEO Business Books.


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