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Local Schema for Clearer Connections and Higher Conversions

Updated: Jan 10

In the digital labyrinth where businesses vie for visibility, clarity is king. As I, Mark A Preston, sat down with the sagacious Mike Blumenthal, we explored the role of local schema in the grand tapestry of Local SEO – a topic as misunderstood as it is crucial.

local schema

Local Schema: The Linguist of the Internet

  • Why It Matters: Local schema is akin to an interpreter for your business, translating your information into a language search engines not only understand but favour. This structured data helps classify your business, carving out a clear spot for it in the complex Knowledge Graph.

  • When It's Vital: If you're a multi-location enterprise with a dynamic presence, schema is your beacon in the fog, guiding search engines through your evolving narrative.

The Double-Edged Sword of Schema

  • Product Schema's Power: In the realm of products, schema can be the difference between being a whisper in the wind and a clarion call. It magnifies the visibility of your reviews, pairing them with your products in search results to heighten appeal and drive traffic.

  • The Temptation to Twist: It's known that review stars boost conversions, especially in organic local searches. And while it’s tempting to manipulate product schema to feature these stars, the authenticity of your methods must always be at the heart of your strategy.

A Balanced Approach to Schema

  • Tempering Enthusiasm: "Don’t obsess about it," advises Blumenthal. Schema isn't about gaming the system for higher ranks. It's about enriching Google's understanding of your business.

  • The Google Factor: Trust in Google’s intelligence. It’s adept at deducing the needed information from your site even without schema. However, the clearer you make it, the easier you make its task.

Action Points for Implementing Local Schema

  • Assess Your Business Type: Single location and stable? Schema's impact may be minimal. Fluid and growing? Make schema a priority.

  • Review Your Online Presence: Ensure that your website clearly communicates the critical details – who you are, what you do, where you're located.

  • Consult the Experts: Engage with SEO professionals to seamlessly integrate local schema into your site without overcomplicating the process.

“Schema is not a ranking variable per se; it's a way of increasing Google's understanding."

Mike Blumenthal articulates. This is the core of what local schema represents – a clarity that can transform confusion into conversion.

The journey through Local SEO can be fraught with complexities, but with local schema as part of your digital lexicon, your business can communicate its essence effectively to the search engines that serve as gatekeepers to your audience.

Seeking to bring this clarity to your local business? Contact me, Mark A Preston, for comprehensive SEO training that enlightens and empowers.

Embrace local schema as more than a mere tool; view it as a conversation with search engines that you want to be as lucid and honest as possible. This isn't just about being seen – it's about being understood, a vital step to being chosen.

Embark on this journey with clarity and confidence, knowing that in the intricate dance of SEO, understanding is the prelude to success.

About the author

Mark A Preston

Mark A Preston: SEO trainer & speaker with over 2 decades (since 2001) experience in the SEO industry. Host of 'The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast'. Author of 'The Business Side of SEO' and 'The SEO Freelancer Survival Handbook', SEO Business Books.


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