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Organically Targeting Beyond Your Geographical Location

Updated: Jan 10

As a seasoned SEO specialist and passionate advocate for organic growth, I'm always seeking answers to intricate marketing conundrums. One such riddle is the viability of targeting a town you're not physically present in. It's a strategy that evokes mixed feelings and varied outcomes, but my conversation with the astute Mike Blumenthal sheds light on the true impact of such a tactic.

geographical location targeting

Understanding the User's Quest for Local

Imagine the person searching for a florist in their local town. The implicit message is a desire for convenience and immediacy. But if you're a business eyeing that market from afar, does your digital arrow hit the bullseye or stray off the mark?

The Category Conundrum: Deciphering Distance Tolerance

  • Simple Solutions Close to Home: For everyday needs like flowers, customers often seek the shortest route to satisfaction. In such scenarios, stretching your geographical reach may not bear fruit.

  • Critical Choices Command Commitment: For life-altering services such as legal assistance, distance takes a backseat to expertise. "People may be willing to travel an hour for that interaction," Mike points out, emphasising the weight of personal stakes.

  • The Meta Matters: Standing Out or Standing Nearby?

  • Uniformity Undermines Uniqueness: If your meta tags and descriptions echo every other contender, the allure of proximity can overshadow your distant offering.

  • Insights Over Assumptions: Knowing your market's travel threshold is key.

As Mike Blumenthal eloquently phrases it...

"It's a dialectic between the searcher and the search."

Delving into Data: A Near Media Exploration

We're venturing into uncharted territory—gauging real-world behaviours to unearth how far customers will go, both literally and digitally.

  • Category-Dependent Journeys: Search habits are not one-size-fits-all; they vary as much as the services sought.

  • User Research Reveals Realities: Through meticulous observation and analysis, we're piecing together the puzzle of preference—LSA, ads, organic reach, and local depths.

The Revelation of Research: Human Behaviour Unbound

Observing real people interact with Google has been a revelation.

"They don't do it the way I would do it."

Mike confesses, and therein lies the excitement. Our strategies must be moulded by the hands of genuine user experiences, not just theoretical expertise.

Crafting Your Local SEO Strategy: The Invitation

Are you pondering the possibilities of expanding your market reach without risking relevance? Do you seek to understand the distance your customers are willing to travel in the vast digital landscape? I invite you to join me, Mark A Preston, as we embark on an SEO journey tailored to navigate these questions with finesse and strategic insight.

Targeting a town you're not in is not a straightforward yes or no decision. It is a multifaceted choice that should be informed by deep understanding of your customer's needs and behaviours, as well as the category you operate within. To learn more about these intricacies and to develop an SEO strategy that is as smart and targeted as your business deserves, reach out to me. Together, let's ensure your business isn't just found but found by the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

About the author

Mark A Preston

Mark A Preston: SEO trainer & speaker with over 2 decades (since 2001) experience in the SEO industry. Host of 'The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast'. Author of 'The Business Side of SEO' and 'The SEO Freelancer Survival Handbook', SEO Business Books.


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