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Advanced Local SEO: Going Beyond the Basics

Updated: Jan 10

In the dynamic digital marketplace, the role of a local SEO specialist cannot be overstated. In my insightful conversation with Mike Blumenthal, we delved into the depths of local SEO and discovered that ticking all the foundational boxes is just the beginning of the journey.

advanced local SEO

The Constantly Shifting Landscape

Let's face it, the digital world is in perpetual motion. Your business might have a polished profile and a website that's been fine-tuned for local searches, but here's the kicker: the market doesn't stand still.

  • Market Dynamics: Understand that competitors and the market environment are forever evolving.

  • Staying Relevant: Keep up with these changes requires a nuanced, informed approach.

The Sophistication of Sustained Success

After the basics are in place, it's crucial to understand that local SEO isn't a 'set it and forget it' scenario—it's an ongoing engagement.

  • Link Building: Crafting a robust link profile is essential, especially if you're in a competitive niche.

  • Visibility and Mentions: Becoming visible in local and trade press can require the finesse of a PR professional.

"Links, particularly those tied to location, are pivotal. And trust me, accruing them is an art best left to a professional who knows the ins and outs of the landscape."

- Mike Blumenthal

The Ongoing Effort in Reviews and Reputation Management

In the realm of local SEO, reviews are more than just a trust signal for prospective customers; they are a continuous dialogue with your audience.

  • Reviews for Rank and Conversion: It's about building a reputation that speaks volumes, influencing both rankings and customer decisions.

  • Systematic Approach: Implementing a professional system for review management is key, particularly as your business grows.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Clicks

Never underestimate the power of professional photography in your local SEO strategy.

  • Visual Appeal: Images significantly influence Google's understanding of your business and customers' conversion decisions.

  • Professional Imagery: Regular updates with high-quality, professional photographs can make your business stand out.

The Detail in the Data

With Google diving deep into product-level granularity, your local SEO needs to adapt.

  • Product Visibility: Positioning your products prominently in local searches can require professional e-commerce solutions.

  • Integration Mastery: A specialist can adeptly integrate your offerings into Google's local framework, ensuring visibility where it counts.

As I, Mark A Preston, navigate these conversations with industry experts like Mike Blumenthal, I am reminded of the intricate dance between foundational SEO work and the nuanced, continuous effort required to truly excel in the local SEO space.

Are you ready to evolve beyond the basics and harness the full power of local SEO? Do you aspire to not just tick the boxes but to craft a local presence that resonates with every potential customer in your vicinity? Then it's time to bring in the specialist—the local SEO expert.

Reach out to me for advanced local SEO training and let's elevate your local SEO game to meet the demands of an ever-changing digital landscape.

About the author

Mark A Preston

Mark A Preston: SEO trainer & speaker with over 2 decades (since 2001) experience in the SEO industry. Host of 'The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast'. Author of 'The Business Side of SEO' and 'The SEO Freelancer Survival Handbook', SEO Business Books.


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