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Sam Partland

Sam Partland is an Australian SEO Nomad who is travelling around the world whilst working freelance as an Enterprise & Programmatic SEO Consultant at Sammy SEO.

Sam is a data driven digital marketer with 15+ years of experience, specialising in programmatic SEO - Driving growth through self-scaling landing page systems.

Although Sam specialises in SEO, his skillset and previous work covers a full range of digital marketing services including CRO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Email, Automation, along with a great understanding of HTML, PHP, and CSS code.

In short, Sam is an Aussie SEO Nomad who understands code. What more could you ask for?

The Unscripted SEO Interview with Sam Partland

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(55 minutes long)

The unscripted questions Mark A Preston asked Sam Partland

  • Who is Sam Partland, the SEO?

  • Why did you decide to be an SEO Nomad and start travelling around the world whilst working?

  • Is an SEO Nomad life just for freelancers, or can someone with a full-time job do it?

  • Do you think that Covid has highlighted remote working opportunities?

  • On your travels, have you seen an increase in full time employed SEOs travelling around?

  • Do you think that companies and SEO agencies are a bit more open to allowing their team members to work from wherever they want?

  • As an SEO Nomad working your way around the world, what happens in regards to working visas?

  • For a full time employed SEO, how does taxation impact them whilst working in a foreign Country?

  • As an Enterprise & Programmatic SEO Consultant yourself, what actually is programmatic SEO?

  • How is programmatic SEO different from normal technical related SEO?

  • What is a specific programmatic SEO scenario to describe it in a non technical way?

  • As an SEO, what do you specialise in, besides programmatic SEO?

  • What happens about content within the programmatic SEO system?

  • Do you find the techniques of SEO is very different from Country to Country you are in?

  • Do you need to speak any other languages to become an SEO Nomad?

  • What specific challenges have you faced whist working as an SEO whilst travelling?

  • On your SEO travels, do you plan day-by-day or more long-term when you arrive in a new Country?

  • Do you ever use any co-working spaces on your travels? If so, are there any good global based ones?

  • Do your clients know that you are working your way around the world? If so, do they actually mind?

  • Has any clients ever told you that you can't possibly be doing a proper job for them as an SEO Nomad?

  • How do you structure your time so client deliverables are met?

  • For any SEO thinking of packing their full-time job in to go it as a freelance SEO Nomad, what do they need to think?

  • As you are travelling around, you can't possibly carry loads of tech. What does the SEO Nomad tech stack look like?

  • Do you keep yourself updated with the latest SEO news whilst travelling around?

  • What is your personal view on most SEO related articles that are published?

  • You said that a lot of SEO news is old SEO news back from the past. What about all the new SEOs coming into the industry who haven't actually heard that old SEO news before?

  • As an SEO, how important is it to know code?

  • You mentioned that SEOs should understand how to deep search. What do you mean by deep search?

  • Do you have any specific scenarios of deep searching?

  • So Sam, when did you start in the SEO industry?

  • How have you seen the SEO industry change since you started to now?

  • You mentioned gaming the market. When it comes to SEO, what do you mean by that?

  • Have you found any great SEO meetups whilst travelling around?

  • Are there any big SEO Nomad groups online?

  • If you were to start your SEO Nomad journey again but knowing what you know now, what would you do different?

  • For anyone thinking of becoming an SEO Nomad, what sort of monthly income would they need to more or less guarantee to sustain the lifestyle?

  • I see some digital nomads sharing photos of a very nice beach side villa saying they paid next to nothing for it. What part of the world can you make that happen?

  • As an SEO Nomad, what do you do about health care?

  • Do you need to be diciplined as an SEO Nomad so you don't just go out partying all the time?

  • If you could change one thing in the history of the SEO industry for the better, what would that one thing be?

  • Anyone watching or listening to this SEO interview, is there anything they can do to help you?

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