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Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder at SparkToro & Author of Lost and Founder

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Rand Fishkin

Rand is one of the true pioneers of the SEO world and has been instrumental in educating the SEO community over the years.


Rand is the founder and former CEO of Moz where his weekly Whiteboard Friday videos became a must watch for anyone working within the SEO industry.


After much heartache stepping down from the company he had foundered and built, he went on to write 'Lost and Founder' which is a painfully honest field guide to the startup world.


Today, Rand is the Co-Founder of SparkToro, an online tool which give you audience research data at your fingertips which was built out of frustration of the large tech companies denying you access to your own audience data.


Although Rand has not worked within the SEO industry for a few years now, he is still highly respected and one thing is for sure. The SEO industry would not be what it is today without his involvement.

The Unscripted SEO Interview with Rand Fishkin

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(54 minutes long)

The unscripted questions Mark A Preston asked Rand Fishkin

  • For all the people who still think you work in SEO, who actually is Rand Fishkin and what do you do now?

  • What made you jump ship from SEO?

  • As you understand the SEO industry so well, what stops you from building a tool that specifically helps the SEO industry?

  • How can the SEO industry use the wider marketing research tools like SparkToro in their overall strategy?

  • How up to date is the data within SparkToro?

  • You have started to post videos on how SparkToro can help within specific scenarios. Have you found them useful from your end?

  • What does the tool SparkToro actually do?

  • What made you want to get into audience research specifically?

  • How does SparkToro conform to data privacy laws?

  • What are the benefits of using SparkToro?

  • Do you think SEOs and marketers have started to forget about the foundations over the past years?

  • Do you think that customers and audiences do a lot more research into a product or service these days before they make a buying decision?

  • How has the impact from the pandemic changed the online space?

  • I see from your socials that food is a big passion of yours, but can you actually cook?

  • Was there a specific scenario where you were trying to make something but couldn't find any recipes or tutorials online?

  • As the whole world seems to be going crazy about AI at the moment, what is your personal view on AI content?

  • I always remember the Whiteboard Friday video you did on 10x content years back. Am I being stupid or is the whole point in content to ensure you create something that is a lot better than what has already been published?

  • Do you speak at many in-person conferences anymore?

  • If you had a magic wand and could change just one thing within the marketing industry overnight, what would it be?

  • Where do you see the marketing industry heading?

  • As you have given your time up to join me today, is there anything anyone watching or listening to this interview can do to help you?

  • Can anyone test drive SparkToro for free so they can understand its benefits to them?

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