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Lidia Infante

Lidia Infante is the Senior SEO Manager at and former Senior International SEO Manager at BigCommerce.

Her BSc in Psychology and Master in Digital Business help her to think in the right way whilst pushing the SEO forward for international businesses across Europe and the US.

Lidia is an experienced speaker at industry-leading SEO and marketing related conferences including BrightonSEO, UnGagged, WeLoveSEO amongst others.

Lidia has a passion for engaging with the SEO community through featuring on SEO related podcasts, webinars and interviews just like this one.

Lidia is also a judge at SEO industry related awards.

The Unscripted SEO Interview with Lidia Infante

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(52 minutes long)

The unscripted questions Mark A Preston asked Lidia Infante

  • Who is Lidia Infante, the SEO?

  • What are you really passionate about when it comes to the SEO community?

  • I see that you have a BSc in Psychology. What area of psychology did you study?

  • Does having an understanding of psychology help you to understand the SEO world better?

  • What needs to happen for SEOs to really understand the customer instead of looking at them as data, keywords and users?

  • You mentioned that marketing is perceived more feminine, whist SEO is a bit more male dominated. Why do you think that?

  • Do you think things are actually changing in the industry to highlight women SEOs?

  • Are you seeing that speaker line-ups are a lot more diverse these days?

  • What do marketing conference and event organisers need to do in order to make it easier for women speakers?

  • There are lots of people on Twitter who say that diversity needs to change in the industry, but what can they actually do beyond just saying it?

  • Do you think that diversity is changing in the SEO industry just because some people feel forced into it rather than something they actually want to change?

  • In your previous role as Senior International SEO Manager at BigCommerce, what was your responsibilities?

  • For anyone wanting to progress into an SEO Manager role, what skills do they need to have?

  • When you are presented with thousands of SEO tasks you could do, how do you know which tasks you need to prioritise to gain the biggest positive impact towards the business goals?

  • How can the Dev / SEO relationship become a happy one?

  • What is your personal opinion on Web Core Vitals being a ranking factor and is it something a tech SEO should prioritise?

  • Have you seen any positive case studies that prove turning Core Web Vitals all green did indeed increase rankings, because I haven't?

  • If you had a magic SEO wand you could wave where tomorrow something in the industry would immediately change, what would that one thing be?

  • Many SEOs make decisions based on nothing more than assumptions and perception. How can they use psychology to make better SEO based decisions?

  • What does an SEO working on ground level need to do in order to create the right mindset?

  • Does the speaker selection process at marketing related conferences need to change? If so, how?

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